Welcome to the 2018 Current NEWDO Dancer Page! You can come here to learn more about what to expect from our upcoming rehearsals for the 2018 Green Bay Nutcracker Ballet. We can't wait to work with you. 


Act I

Party Scene Parents, Grandparents, Maids, Clara, Fritz, Drosselmeyer, Older Girls & Boys, Party Dolls 1 & 2

Children's Dance Clara, Fritz, Older Girls & Boys, (Younger Girls & Boys first part only)

Parent's Dance Parents, Grandparents, Maids & Drosselmeyer

Night Scene Clara, Drosselmeyer, Party Dolls, Christmas Tree Angel, Soldier Doll #2, Little Dolls Night Scene

Battle Scene Mouse King, Mice, Soldiers, Nutcracker, Drosselmeyer

Pine Forest Pas de Deux Elder Clara & Nutcracker

Snow Scene Snow Flakes, Snow Queen, Elder Clara, Nutcracker, Drosselmeyer

Act II

Angels Christmas Tree Angels, Older Angels, Little Angels, Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Solo Sugar Plum Fairy 

Procession  Elder Clara, Nutcracker, Sugar Plum, Drosselmeyer, Christmas Tree Angels, Leading Divertissment, All Little Dolls Procession

Divertissment  Nutcracker & Elder Clara, Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Trepak, Marzipan, Mother Ginger, Gingerbread Cookies and Gingerbread Children, Flowers

Sugar Plum Pas de Deux and Coda  Sugar Plum & Cavalier

Apotheosis  Christmas Tree Angels, Clara, Drosselmeyer

Bows  Everyone 

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​Weekly Rehearsal Schedule


Saturday, October 20

​11:30-12:30   Mother Ginger

​12:30-1:15     Angels

1:15-2:15       Night Scene & Battle Scene: Party Dolls, Night Scene Little Dolls, Mice, Soldiers, Clara, Little Mice and Drosselmeyer

​2:15-3:15      Flowers

3:15-4:15      Snow

Sunday, October 14

10:00-12:30   Divertissement: Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Trepak, Marzipan, Flowers,  Procession and Finale

​12:30-2:30       Party Scene: Party Boys and Girls, Clara, Fritz, Parents, Drosselmeyer, Christmas Tree Angel, Mechanical and Floppy Dolls

***Please note that the 12:00-1:00 Procession rehearsal has merged into the 10:00-12:30 time slot

Costume Fittings on Third Floor this weekend: Little Mice, Christmas 

Tree Angels, J. Meyer, Stacy, Barb, Diane, Katie R., Samantha C.

​​The Nutcracker is performed in two acts, Act I and Act II. Within these acts are various scenes, for example, Angels is a role, but it is also a scene in Act II. Once you get your schedule, in the early weeks, most rehearsals are by scene. As we get closer to the show, rehearsals will be with the entire act. We have the acts broken down by scene below as well as what roles are within each scene. Look carefully, as some roles are in more than one scene! 

As you look over the schedule for the first time, there are a few words that may need defining. 

​Divertissment: a short dance within a ballet that displays a dancer's technical skill without advancing the plot or character development. If you have seen The Nutcracker before, when Clara goes to the Land of Sweets, she is entertained by sweets from all over, Chocolate from Spain, Tea from China, etc...this section is a divertissement

​Apotheosis: The climax of the plot. In The Nutcracker, this is when Clara wakes up back home and discovers her Nutcracker is a toy again...

If you like, Timothy will provide you with a highlighted rehearsal schedule. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.